My friend and I joked about going to South America to get plastic surgery and after a few hours of extensive research I found Dr. Jose Leon in Dominican Republic. I am impressed with other male patients he has recently done and decided to contact him via WhatsApp. I sent him photos of my body and filled out their form (automatically sent to you when you send your first WhatsApp message). Dr. Leon’s assistant Natalia responded the following day stating I was an ideal candidate for ab etching. While I don’t have much fat, they’ll remove what they can and inject it into my ass. Therefore my surgeries are a BBL, VASER lipo, and abdominal etching. The guys he has sculpted look fantastic and if Dr. Leon can make me look like them then sign me up.

My friend and I are booked for the last week of July. We have our bbl pillows, our ab boards, and misc other things the Internet recommended. We are flying from Seattle to Santo Domingo through Miami and have to be there six days prior to surgery due to COVID protocols they have in place and then ten days after in the Kindness Recovery House. Dr. Leon recommended a couple but there is the option to choose any recovery house you want.

I understand the 72 hours after surgery will be awful and I will be oozing. Mentally prepared for that. I spoke with Dr. Leon on WhatsApp for the first time today (only texted thus far) and his English is perfect and he is very reassuring. We basically exchanged pleasantries about looking forward to seeing each other and he verified I would be sedated (not just local anesthesia).

I am very excited to go through this journey and will keep you updated.